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Website Design Trends 2021

Technology is constantly changing so there is always something important happening when it comes to website design trends. The most important thing that all website owners should be doing is updating their websites to a mobile-responsive design.

Responsive Website Design means that your website will show up correctly on all devices (desktop and laptop computers, tablets and smart phones) and provide optimal viewing and usability for the visitor. Benefits such as easy reading and navigation with minimal panning, scrolling, or re-sizing. This is a time sensitive and critical update because search engine are constantly changing their search algorithms and non-responsive websites will be penalized in search results.

This year, a variety of latest designs and layouts are trending. Your ability to incorporate these in your company website(s) are tactically helpful.

Long scrolling sites

Perhaps the foremost in style trends within the early a part of this year has been long scrolling websites.

The reason this trend in style is Smart Phone usage. As net users have shifted from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets, or a minimum of adding the latter to their arsenal, it’s become easier merely to scroll, rather than clicking little links to navigate from page to page.

Split screens

One of the attention-grabbing style trends is that the split-screen layout. Dividing the screen into major sections to direct viewers to the content they’re looking for. This layout is right for corporations that have 2 valuable merchandise, services, or angles they require to market.

Parallax scrolling

New technologies like CSS3 and HTML5 have given website designers unique capabilities.

Currently, one of the most used trends is optical Parallax scrolling. This involves creating the background of the website to move slower than the foreground. As a result, the user experiences an intriguing 3D effect that adds depth and and is very appealing to website viewers.

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