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If you have a business, chances are you are engaging in digital marketing. If you’re not, you should. This refers to the practice of promoting brands, building preference and increasing sales through various digital marketing techniques, such as social media, Internet, smart phones, and electronic billboards. You’ve likely exhausted or at least tied traditional forms of advertising for your business, such as email blasts, announcement parties, magazine ads, mailers, and newspaper ads. While these all certainly add value to a business, they can be quite time consuming and expensive. Utilizing the Internet and social media in particular, your reach is limitless — and in the case of social media and SEO, can be cheap to carry out.

However, it takes time, research, patience and dedication to properly leave your digital marketing footprint on the Internet. Here are five essentials of carrying out a successful digital marketing campaign:

  1. Mobile: According to Forbes, 90 percent of consumer transactions begin on one device and finish on another, with smartphone and tablet sales far outnumbering PC sales in 2014 alone. No matter what your digital marketing campaign includes, mobile considerations should be a huge part of it.
  2. Content Marketing: As a #1 factor in implementing a successful digital marketing strategy, it’s crucial to incorporate fresh and relevant content that shows you know what you’re talking about. Now only will quality content  boost the number of site visitors, it will also increase your user engagement, both of which are integral in leading to conversions. Each page of your site should have well-though-out, impactful content that serves a distinct purpose for your readers. You want consumers to consider you as the foremost authority in your industry. They can spot fakes a mile away, so position yourself as a leader in your field through killer content as part of your digital marketing plan.
  3. Organic Search: Optimizing your website correctly is key, especially since you know consumers get their information through various methods — most notably via search engine results. Through a solid SEO approach, you can help the major search engines identify what your site offers and how it relates to what people need. If you want to boost your visibility on the web, a detailed organic search strategy can help you achieve that, bringing more traffic to your website and creating buzz about what you offer.
  4. Social Media: There’s no way to avoid the influence of social media in today’s society. Might as well hop on board! Social media marketing is an excellent way to build brand presence and consumer loyalty, acting as a tool you can use to not only share information about what you sell, but interact in real time with consumers who want to know more. Let your customers work for you through posts, shares, re-tweets and more. The more social media marketing platforms you operate on, the more opportunity you get to interact with potential customers and peers through digital marketing.
  5. Email: Just one to three percent of website visitors make a purchase when they initially visit a site. The question remains: when you know your digital marketing campaign is bringing in traffic for your site, how do you compel the other 97 percent of users to buy what you have the first time? You need an email marketing campaign to complement your digital marketing strategy to boost ROI and make connections. The statistics show that 65 percent of consumers will make a purchase as part of a well-planned email campaign. Just keep in mind that most people today open their email while on the go, via tablets and smart phones, so make sure you have a quality mobile-friendly plan in place.

Now that you know how important digital marketing is to your overall strategy, it’s time to implement one. We are here to help, so enlist the assistance of our professionals to learn how we can propel your business to greatness.

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