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Implementing SEO Services Jacksonville

SEO is an integral part of any business’s web presence. An SEO service provider can help you increase the amount of visitors to your web site by obtaining high-ranking placements in the search results page of search engines (SERP). Many businesses decide to hire a service provider to improve their organic Google search result listings. Don’t think you need a killer SEO strategy? Wrong. You need one, especially when it comes to local SEO services Jacksonville. This is a more targeted form of SEO that customizes service pages within your web site to particular regions or cities.


Local businesses benefit in many ways when implementing local SEO. Use this approach to target your customers and narrow down your reach by demographics. Think about your competition: they’re all in on the local SEO game and if they get to the consumer before you can improve your positioning, you’re losing ground, says Forbes. Check out these reasons why you need to incorporate local SEO:

Boost in market share

With up to 90 percent of customers checking out online reviews before buying a product, you have to be visible. No local SEO plan = no chance of your customers seeing you. Don’t let those customers move on to the competition.

Mobile device use

Mobile devices are increasingly popular methods for gaining information. Most people use their smart phones to research local businesses prior to buying something, so take advantage of local search optimization to capture your target audience.

Cost efficient operation

Advertising ain’t cheap — just take a look at PPC or email marketing programs. SEO is virtually a no-cost proposition. The only thing you have to invest in this form of advertising is time. Those other methods are certainly vital parts of the puzzle, but if you’re looking strictly at lower overall cost of implementation, local organic SEO delivers.

Strong content

On those local SEO pages, you need to incorporate strong content or the point is moot. Because Google is constantly updating its search algorithms, it’s always placing a high value on areas like social media indicators which in turn will affect your rankings. Grow a healthy content profile in order to stay competitive.

Local search

It’s a fact that 30 billion mobile searches take place every year, with 12 billion of those being local in nature. You can’t afford not to get in on that.

A Look at the Numbers

According to Search Engine Journal, quality content marketing can bring about a 2,000 percent increase in traffic and a 40 percent increase in revenue. Add to that the fact that 70 percent of searchers click on organic links over paid ones anyway, with 75 percent never going past the first page of results.

If you’ve been wondering how to go about integrating local SEO in Jacksonville, let us help. We can drive your local customers to your site through targeted strategies that make up just one part of your SEO blueprint. Turn to us for assistance in implementing a strategy that works best for your company.

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