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Accessing your cPanel directly

You can get to your control panel by appending "/cpanel" on to your domain.  For example, if your primary domain was "" the URL to access your cPanel would be "".

In the event that you have forgotten your cPanel username and/or password, your username can be viewed and your password reset by following the cPanel password reset directions located in our knowledgebase.

Accessing your cPanel via our Support and Billing System

You can also get to your control panel via our Support and Billing system.

  1. After logging into the Support and Billing Support and Billing system you will see a black navigation bar with options such as "Home", "My Services", "Domains", "Billing" and a few additional options.
  2. On the black navigation bar from step 1, click on "My Services" and then on "Service Overview" to view a list of your hosting accounts.
  3. Click "View Details" next to the account which you wish to login to.
  4. You will see a "Login to cPanel" button (or a "Login to WHM" button if you are a reseller) which you can simply click to access the control panel for the account.
In the event that you are not automatically logged in, such as with an invalid password error, you can click the "Change Password" tab on the account details page to reset the password.

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