Wordpress continues to dominate the market

  • Sunday, 4th March, 2018
  • 07:10am
With over 75 million installations, WordPress continues to dominate the internet. .

The design process has evolved with the growth of WordPress. Our company has changed along with the market, staying in front of the latest trends in online marketing. Responsive website design, brand recognition and how you are ranked on Google are now considerations that WordPress is built to handle. The client benefits from this powerful combination.

The services we offer include website marketing and project management. Our business growth is directly related to our customers. By merging brand and logo recognition into custom design work, our websites provide good results.

With this popularity, it has also become the prime target for hackers. Website Solutions continues to be on the leading edge of keeping your websites safe from intrusion, by continually updating and backing-up your valuable data.

Development in the WordPress platform gives us the ability to create affordable websites that fits client budgets.
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